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The Officers and Members are proud to announce the recent purchase of three Thermal Imaging Cameras for the three Chief / Staff cars. This is to help improve with the initial scene size up with a 360 degree view of a building prior to apparatus arrival to see where the fire is for means of attack. What division and what method to use to gain access into the property.

Having these cameras will also provide useful help as an additional TIC for interior (non-command) roles.

A 4th camera (K45 Model) was also purchased to equip our Utility truck. This truck is equipped with 4 SCBA’s, saws and several hand tools. This unit is able to be used for man power needs and it will also free up our Heavy Rescue from going to RIT calls wherever needed leaving the Rescue free to run calls as needed in Muhlenberg and abroad.

These purchases puts us at 7 TIC’s