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20161206_114435 (1)

At 1125 hours, Stations 11, 10 & 560 were dispatched to the 4900 block of Kutztown Road for a MVA with Entrapment & Fire. Asst 11 on scene with one car on its roof against an apartment building with a severed fire hydrant and major flooding conditions. The driver was found to still be confined to the driver seat of the car. Crews worked fast and removed the victim. We were on scene @ 1328 and the victim was removed by 1332 hours. The patient was transferred to EMS and transported to the local Trauma Center. The Hydrant cracked under ground causing severe flooding conditions. The Muhlenberg Twp Water Authority arrived and was able to get the water shut down. Rescue 10 crew worked on mitigating fluid control before it got into the local creek. There was a report of a fire, however good Samaritans used a dry chemical fire extinguisher and had the fire out prior to our arrival! We were clear of the scene by 1241 hours.